Arduino Class for Uyghurs

We have created a 24-week curriculum to educate and inspire Uyghur children and youth and train them in programming online and design prototyping in Uyghur language. We will provide this program free of charge. We accept children and youth ages 10 and up in different locations (Turkey, US, Canada, Europe) and different groups based on their level of skills.

Left Figure: Simulation only. Right Figure: Simulation and Hardware.

First, we will teach students where new technology has reached, we show them the right way to think about future product designs. We will teach children how to do this design thinking by simulation in software and hardware (Tinkercad simulation – a free tool). We created a Tinkercad classroom for up to 250 students. Then we will teach you how to use Arduino and use Arduino software and hardware to test the designed prototype. If children have the right mindset, skills and knowledge of software and hardware, they will have a bright future. Normally, a short training course in the US and Canada costs a lot of money for each person. We will teach all aspects including programming, hardware, and robotics. This will be self-sustained after we start, since we will record all the lectures and continue for the long term as an online school.

I gave a talk about this program on the 24th of December on Saturday with UyghurSTEM. We plan to start it since 8th of January every Sunday.

The technical course will include a variety of components to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. These components include access to free simulation tools like TinkerCad, as well as hardware tools such as Arduino kits and sensors. In order to make the course materials more accessible, I will design a website to host all of the recorded lectures and tutorials, which will be provided in Uyghur with English translations of technical terms. Additionally, I will provide laptops to students in need, and will organize events and competitions with prizes to encourage participation and engagement. The course will also focus on project and product development, and may require the use of specialized sensors depending on the specific project plan. Also, I will write articles and a book in Uyghur to further support and supplement the course materials.


The training program will be divided into three levels in order to accommodate students of different skill levels and ages. The beginner training level will be suitable for a large group of approximately 100 to 250 students, and will be separated into age groups. This level will include a Tinkercad classroom that I have created specifically for this group, as well as a hybrid simulation or hardware-combined option for local groups and a simulation-only option for individual students who do not belong to any local groups. The teachers for this level will include Dr. Yasin Mamatjan, Mohammad Emin, and my son Ehsan.

The middle-level training will be a smaller group of about 50 students and will combine hardware and software components. This level will involve teamwork under the guidance of a mentor, and will include a hybrid simulation or hardware-combined option. The teachers for this level will include Dr. Mamatjan and Mohammad Emin.

The professional training level will be suitable for up to 5 advanced students who are interested in training or individual mentoring with professionals. Two students have already been identified for this level. This level will involve conducting research and working on publication, as well as teaching methods for writing conference and journal papers in English. The teachers for this level will be Dr. Mamatjan. The professional training level will also include examples of projects such as a patient monitoring system, an ECG disease risk recommender, and a stroke risk recommender.

This is the timeline for our class:

  • - Online Webinar for students and parents in the MenguTech Science Program (on the 24th of December).
  • - Initial teaching will be started on the 8th of January
  • - Teaching duration will be January to June, 2023
  • - Project competition in July or August 2023 in Turkey
  • - Preparation for project presentation in September - October
  • - Attend the conference for Advanced MenguTech group in August or September
  • - Writing a book on MenguTech Science Program in Uyghur with technical words (June to September)
  • - Website and lecture recordings will be updated gradually (from December 2022 to September 2023)

In conclusion, this free teaching program will be available to Uyghur kids and youths in any country, including Turkey, Canada, the United States, and Europe. The teachers in Canada will provide lectures free of charge. The goal of this program is to provide high-quality educational resources and support to Uyghur children and young people no matter where they are located.